EVS 2160WM Wall Mount Backrest with Backpack Belting

EVS 2160WM Wall Mount Backrest with Backpack Belting

Ambulances seats are – and always have been – our primary focus.

The 2160WMB is a wall-mounted backrest available with our Backpack belting system. In addition the shoulder harnesses, there is a two-point ELR lap belt that allows EMT’s to get even closer to the patient while remaining belted. The 2160WMB is used most in the squad bench area, and works well if a traditional squad bench with storage lid is desired.

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  • Seamless construction offers quick removal of blood-borne pathogens
  • Meets or exceeds all applicable FMVSS and SAE Standards
  • Seamless construction meets all applicable Triple K standards
  • Ergonomically correct seat back provides maximum comfort
  • Available as a backrest and headrest only, or with a single-seat bottom
  • Shoulder harnesses and retractors are integrated in the seat back, and two point ELR lap belt can be wall-mounted below backrest
  • Quick release latch allows the backrest to be removed from the wall in a matter of seconds for easy cleaning and disinfecting
  • Cushions may be used in lieu of a squad bench or in the CPR location
  • Available as OEM equipment or aftermarket retrofit for Types I, II, and III vehicles


  • height – 34.07″
  • width (without side mounting plates for lap belt) – 18.60″
  • width (with side mounting plates and lap belt retractor and buckle) – 27.75″
  • depth – 6.75″

Belting Options

  • Backpack Belting System