Executive Captain's Chairs

We offer a variety of executive captain's chairs to choose from:

Not sure what type of executive captain's chairs you’re looking for? Let us help you! We can go over your ambulance specifications, equipment layout, and working style to help you select the right ambulance seat for your needs.

Ride Safely AND Comfortably

The design of an ambulance differs greatly depending on the type of transport being provided, working style of department, and more. While safety is always a top priority, comfort is an important consideration as well. For services that run long haul transports, the brand and type of ambulance seat chosen is significant.

As new ambulance standards are being developed and adopted, the options among ambulance seats have widened. Included among these options is the Executive Captain’s Chair. Often located at the head of the cot, the Captain’s Chair serves an important role in function and is a visual focal point in the ambulance module. It is designed to keep EMS personnel seated and restrained while providing care, which often includes maintaining an airway on the patient. A captain’s chair can swivel but will stay forward-facing, making it ideal for long distance transports where crews will remain seated for some time.

Our Executive Captain’s Chairs give you the power to provide exceptional care.

At EVS Ltd, our Executive Captain’s Chairs are extremely versatile and highly customizable. Captain’s chairs can be constructed in more than one color to reflect branding. Custom embroidery is also a popular option available on these ambulance seats. A company logo or department crest can be sewn into the headrest; we encourage you to check out our embroidery options for more information.

Built for premium comfort, our ambulance captain chairs feature an ergonomically correct seat back and streamlined ABS back for increased durability, and they can include armrests. More notably, they also have an optional reclining feature. Available on a variety of bases and as OEM equipment or aftermarket retrofit, an ambulance captain chair from EVS Ltd can be integrated into any type ambulance model. It is also suitable for use in mobile command centers, blood drive units, telecommunication units, passenger transport vehicles, and prisoner transport vehicles.

Learn more about EVS 1900 and EVS 2000 – two great ambulance captain chair options!

Whether you’re searching for an ambulance captain chair, executive seat, or padded recliner, EVS 1900 and EVS 2000 are two ambulance seat options to consider. Outfitted with a variety of belting options, an Executive Captain’s Chair from EVS Ltd will keep your crew riding safely and in comfort. We encourage you to reach out to us for more information today!