EVS Ltd. has won several important industry awards over the years for our innovation in ambulance seating. We are a three-time winner of the EMS World Innovation Award, which recognizes the industry’s top new or significantly improved innovative products each year. These products are evaluated at the EMS World Expo by Top Innovations Award Judge Mike Smith, BS, MICP. Smith meets one-on-one with semi-finalists at the expo to examine and test each product firsthand, as well as ask questions, before making a determination. Of the semi-finalists, only 20 are designated with the prestigious Innovation Award by EMSWorld, the foremost publication for the emergency medical services market. This means that EVS Ltd. products stood out from other EMS products, for both increasing the safety of EMS professionals and transforming the delivery of emergency medical care. We are proud of our products that meet this distinction. 

In 2007, we won an EMS World Innovation Award for EVS 1787, a wall-mounted attendant seat. It featured an ergonomically correct removable seat back, independent seat bottom that tracked 7 inches. It provided flexibility to carry a second transport.. 

Unfortunately, this product is no longer available. Instead, it has been updated with the 2160 wall mounted backrest.

In 2010, our Mobility 1 Tracking System was given an EMS World Innovation Award. The pioneering product allows first responders to remain seated while moving left-to-right on a track. It remains popular today due to its ease-of-use and focus on crew safety.  

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In 2012, EVS 1769 with Mobility 1 Tracking System was honored with an EMS World Innovation Award. Building on the ability move left-to-right on a track system, this seat also unlatches and folds forward for second patient transport space.

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In addition to the prestigious EMS World Innovation Award, our products have also been recognized as a JEMS Hot Product. The JEMS Hot Product award is given out annually by a team of judges at the EMS Today Conference and Exposition. The judging panel consists of EMS product specialists, physicians, EMS educators, managers, firefighters and paramedics. To receive an award, a product has to be innovative and practical; and it is judged on originality, functionality, easy of use, and need in the EMS setting.

In 2016, our 1769 Seat with Mobility 1 Tracking System was named a JEMS Hot Product alongside 29 other products. It was the only ambulance seat to win an award that year.

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