Custom Cushions & Headers

We produce headrests, backrests, single seat bottom cushions, full-length squad bench cushions, cushions for the CPR area, rear and side door header pads, action area pads, and custom sized cushions to fit around cabinetry, light fixtures, or electrical outlets.

Highlights include:

  • Custom Embroidered Logos
  • Custom Embossed Logos
  • Sewn vinyl options to allow for various color schemes
  • Commercial and Medical grade seamless vinyl with a smooth, finished fit  that is second to none
  • Easy to install with no hardware required
  • Perfect for remounted units looking to spice up another element of the  unit at a low cost
  • Substrate is routed and includes a raised bottom edge that increases the longevity of the cushions, and allows the cushion to attach extremely close to the wall, minimizing the gap in which bodily fluids may reach
  • Very quick turnaround time for cushion recovers or even when ordering new cushions
  • Backrests can be produced with channels to allow for the use of wall-mounted belting to run behind the cushions in the squad bench and CPR areas

Looking for more information on our custom cushion and header options? Get in touch with us. We’d be happy to walk you through the options and select the best choice for your ambulance unit.