EVS 1769 Vac-formed, Seamless Attendant Flip Up and Tilt Forward Seat

EVS 1769 Vac-formed, Seamless Attendant Flip Up and Tilt Forward Seat

Save space & stay safe in this ambulance seat from EVS

The EVS 1769 is a vac-form, seamless ambulance attendant flip-seat with a seat back that can recline backwards, and fold flat for a second-patient transport. The 1769 is an extremely versatile attendant’s seat with a variety of belts including three point, four point, V4, and six point belt. The seat bottom can lock in the seating position or flip up to lock in an upright position to save space in the ambulance.

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  • Seamless construction offers quick removal of blood-borne pathogens
  • Meets or exceeds all applicable FMVSS and SAE Standards
  • Seamless construction meets all applicable Triple K standards
  • Flip up seat bottom offers more space when flipped up
  • Seat back can fold flat for second patient transport
  • When used in conjunction with a cabinet or additional 1769, these seats can support up to 600lbs.
  • Seat back has non-skid surface to better grip additional back board
  • Streamlined ABS back provides increased durability
  • Available with a variety of bases
  • Available as OEM equipment or aftermarket retrofit for Types I, II, and III vehicles
  • Sewn version is 1761


  • 51.75″ Overall Seat height (on base)
  • 21″ Width
  • 24.375″ Seat Depth (10 DEG)

Belting Options

  • Three Point
  • Four Point
  • V4
  • Six Point
  • Backpack Belting

Base Options

  • Bases can be mounted in a center, offset left, or offset right orientation on this seat model
  • CBPED1760/1860
  • CBT
  • SB186-2C
  • SB186-8C
  • SB186-8R
  • SB186-8L
  • SB186-8SC
  • SB186-8SL
  • SB186-8SR
  • SB186-8WWMC
  • SB186-8WWMR
  • SB186-8WWML
  • SB186CMTRS with TR36KIT186
  • SB186CMTRS with TR48KIT186
  • SB186OMTRS with TR36KIT186
  • SB186OMTRS with TR48KIT186
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