Not sure what kind of ambulance seat you need? Let us help you. We have a ton of options and our ambulance seat experts are ready to share their knowledge with you!

Improving Ambulance Safety

Ambulance crashes are one of many hazards faced by EMS personnel. In recent years, there are has been a significant shift in the industry to adopt universal safety standards, backed by dynamic testing. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has been a driving force behind this, conducting countless studies focused on improving patient and worker safety in moving ambulances. Because of the work being done by NIOSH, more departments are aware of the importance an ambulance seat has on overall safety. This has a significant impact on how organizations and departments select the seats installed in their emergency vehicles.

We Meet and Exceed Industry Standards

At EVS Ltd, our ambulance seats meet all applicable FMVSS and SAE Standards. We conduct our testing at Calpsan, CAPE, PEI, and MGA; these are all independent engineering, research, and testing facilities located in the United States. All of our seamless seats use medical grade vinyl that makes for easy removal of blood-borne pathogens, meeting KKK and OSHA standards. We are also compliant with GSA, NFPA 1917, ADR, and European standards.

Selecting the Right Ambulance Seat for your Emergency Vehicle

The correct ambulance seat allows an EMT/paramedic to access equipment in drawers, cabinets, etc. and tend to the problem area of the patient without having to leave the seat. Staying seated and belted while providing patient care is critically important to crew safety in an ambulance. When you purchase and install an EVS ambulance seat, you can be 100% confident that your seat has been tested to meet or exceed all applicable FMVSS and SAE Standards.

We offer a wide variety of ambulance seating options with different functionality suited for Type I, Type II, or Type III ambulances. The best way to select the correct seat for a new or refurbished ambulance is to call or email us! We will work with you to understand your ambulance design, layout, and crew working style, and then recommend numerous product options to meet your specific needs and budget. We pride ourselves on covering all the details and educating our customers on their options. We are also able to accommodate custom requests.  We encourage you to reach out to us to get started today!