EVS 2160 Vac-formed, Seamless Attendant Flip Up Seat with Backpack Belting

EVS 2160 Vac-formed, Seamless Attendant Flip Up Seat with Backpack Belting

Save space & stay safe in this ambulance seat from EVS

The EVS 2160 is our vac-formed, seamless attendant seat with a flip-up bottom. It is available exclusively with the new Backpack belting system. The EVS 2160 is one of our slimmest seats available, and can be mounted on a variety of bases. The seat bottom can be folded up and locked out of the way to maximize space in the ambulance.

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  • New generation seating design offers slimmest seat yet
  • Can be installed inches from street-side or curb-side wall to maximize knee space between the seat bottom and the cot
  • Seamless construction offers quick removal of blood-borne pathogens
  • Meets or exceeds all applicable FMVSS and SAE Standards
  • Seamless construction meets all applicable Triple K standards
  • Flip up seat bottom offers more space when flipped up
  • Streamlined ABS back provides increased durability
  • Available with a variety of bases
  • Available as OEM equipment or aftermarket retrofit for Types I, II, and III vehicles


  • width – 23.5″
  • height (with SB186-8 base) – 51.3″
  • depth (with flip up seat in up position) – 8.1″
  • depth (with flip up seat in seating position and seat back is positioned at 10.5 degree angle) – 26.5″

Belting Options

  • Backpack Belting System

Base Options

  • Bases can be mounted in a center, offset left, or offset right orientation on this seat model
  • CBPED1760/1860
  • CBT
  • SB186-2C
  • SB186-8C
  • SB186-8R
  • SB186-8L
  • SB186-8SC
  • SB186-8SL
  • SB186-8SR
  • SB186-8WWMC
  • SB186-8WWMR
  • SB186-8WWML
  • SB186CMTRS with TR36KIT186
  • SB186CMTRS with TR48KIT186
  • SB186OMTRS with TR36KIT186
  • SB186OMTRS with TR48KIT186