EVS Ltd is a proud member of the following industry associations:

We also work alongside the National Safe Kids Campaign, which is a non-profit organization nonprofit organization working to help families and communities keep kids safe from injuries.

Manufacturers that have experience installing our ambulance seats:

The following ambulance manufacturers work with EVS Ltd. to install our ambulance seats inside their models. This list includes some, but not all, of the manufacturers, dealers, and remounters we work with. 

  • AEV
  • REV Orlando
  • Leader
  • Horton
  • Medix Specialty Vehicles
  • Braun Industries
  • Demers
  • Crestline
  • Tri-Star
  • Malley
  • Osage
  • Lifeline
  • P.L. Custom
  • Braun NW
  • Excellance
  • Arrow
  • Miller Coach
  • Crossroads Ambulance