EVS 1880 Vac-formed, Seamless Child/Attendant Seat

EVS 1880 Vac-formed, Seamless Child/Attendant Seat

Looking for an ambulance child restraint system?

The EVS 1880 is a vac-form, seamless ambulance attendant seat with an integrated child restraint system that allows uninjured children weighing between 20-65 lbs to be transported in a five point safety harness. When it is not needed, the child-insert can be folded into the seat and allow an adult to use the seat as a standard attendant’s seat with a variety of belts including three point, four point, V4, five point, six point, and Backpack belting.

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  • Five point safety harness with push button release keeps child safe and secure
  • Seamless construction offers quick removal of blood-borne pathogens
  • Ability to transport uninjured children weighing 20-65 lbs.
  • Meets or exceeds all applicable FMVSS and SAE Standards
  • Seamless construction meets all applicable Triple K standards
  • Ergonomically correct seat back provides maximum comfort
  • Streamlined ABS back provides increased durability
  • 18803U meets M1 testing for European standards
  • Available with a variety of bases
  • Available as OEM equipment or aftermarket retrofit for Types I, II, and III vehicles


  • 49.63″ Overall Seat height (on base)
  • 40.13″ Seat height with track
  • 19.25″ Width
  • 26.625″ Seat Depth (10 DEG) (1880)
  • 24.25″ Seat Depth (6 DEG) (1882)

Belting Options

  • Three Point
  • Four Point
  • V4
  • Five Point
  • Six Point
  • IMMI Single Click Four Point
  • Backpack Belting System

Base Options

  • CB
  • CBWT
  • CBWD
  • CBH
  • CBTS
  • SB-2
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